Adam will happily appear at the event you've got planned. He can show up live and in person, via a Beam telepresence robot, or through Skype. Whatever your budget, there is an option for you. 



Are you a planning a conference, corporate event, or C-suite retreat? Do you need someone who can entertain and enlighten while explaining exactly how Silicon Valley got to share in “the largest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet" -- and how your company can too? Adam Fisher has the anecdotes and insight that your company needs. Reserve him now, and be sure to ask about the Valley of Genius book-launch special! 



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Are you part of a school or university? Do your students need to get more excited about STEM subjects and entrepreneurship in general? Do they need to better understand how innovation works in both small start-ups and big corporate R&D labs? Adam Fisher has hung out with billionaire tech stars that your students want to be someday -- and he can explain to tell them exactly how they went from starving student to world-changing tech celebrity. Reserve him now, and ask about the Valley of Genius book-launch limited-time offer! 



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